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Snark Health is a platform that connects patients, doctors, insurers and donors for health care services, private data sharing and payments via blockchain technology. Built around the doctor-patient relationship, we help patients to get the right care, at the right place, at the right time. Through virtual healthcare services and high quality preferred clinics and hospitals, we are able to improve the quality of care, lower costs, and improve the patient, doctor and nurse experience. Members are able to earn money through our shared savings model, dividends and monetizing their data (if they opt in).


We are interested in partnering with organizations who share our vision for creating a better system for the financing and delivery of health care that is built around the doctor-patient relationship and improves quality, access, cost and experience (Q-ACE).

Why Join? Benefits

Gain experience with blockchain

Gain experience with the nascent technology and learn the benefits:

  • Greater transparency.
  • Enhanced security.
  • Improved traceability.
  • Increased efficiency and speed.
  • Reduced costs.

New Business Models

  • Serve as the interface between what technology enables and what the marketplace wants.
  • A more collaborative ecosystem.
  • An agile and adaptive organization.
  • Asset sharing.
  • A more personalized product or service.

Risk Mitigation

Gain exposure to the technology and let us assume the:

  • Operational Risk
  • Strategic Risk
  • Compliance Risk

apply today application process

  1. Complete online application
  2. Set up call to discuss interest
  3. Letter of intent
  4. Discovery,Onboarding and Go-live process